Our media expertise

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Facebook logo
  • Strategic recommandation
  • Facebook ads campaigns
  • Community Management
  • Quizz / Games
Instagram logo
  • Editorial Line / Strategic recommandation
  • Instagram ads campaigns
  • Grid (conception and animation)
  • Followers acquisition
Twitter expertise
  • Editorial Line
  • Daily interactions with relevant eco-system
  • Followers acquisition
  • Advertising campaigns
Youtube logo
  • Strategic recommandation
  • Advertising campaign
  • Creation and adaptation of your content
  • Advertising campaigns (Linkedin Ads)
  • Business page animation
Automation marketing
  • Audit of your digital commercial strategy
  • Set-up of your lead generation machine



achat media radio
magazine publicité
OOH media buying
sponsoring tv
  • Audit of your media strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Media planning 
  • Media buying
  • Daily monitoring and optimization of your campaigns
  • Reporting
  • Lessons and next steps