The quality of the followers, the crux of every Instagram account.

Fans, subscribers, followers… Whatever their name, they represent the pillar of each social network account. Even before being an audience and a community. Subscribers are also an indicator of popularity and credibility for the public eye. Indeed, before judging you on the commitment of your community, an outside observer will hasten to form an opinion of your activity, simply looking at how many followers you got. It sounds a bit unfair when you think of the energy you need to build a community. Here’s why building a community with qualified audience is the key.

The commitment, the major KPI. 

The importance of the quality of your audience is true at all scales. Between an account with 2,000 followers and an account with 5,000 followers, a brand will probably choose to work with the one that generates the most reactions. On a larger scale, an account with 100,000 followers with a higher commitment rate than an account with 300,000 followers will legitimately be able to charge more for its partnerships, despite a 3 times smaller number of subscribers. Instagram (like most social networks) strongly values accounts that generate commitment. Likes and especially shares and comments are vital. If the algorithms retains a great deal of mystery, it can be said with certainty that a publication with little commitment will necessarily have limited visibility.

Organic followers, your priority. 

Beyond a pure business vision, a strong commitment will also bring you much more than opportunities. Awakening curiosity of relevant accounts will grow your chances to reach users who don’t follow you. Other very simple feature like using the right hashtags, showing your location are very important. This visibility is the key to a qualified community. Generating likes and comments from popular accounts will potentially allow you to appear in the “Explorer” section which is one of Instagram’s most powerful channel for organic acquisition.

Before launching paid acquisition campaigns, make sure you correctly use the various free tools at your disposal. The hashtags are obviously crucial (whether for publications or stories) but also the location, the polls and the questions… So many tools that will allow you to generate reactions to your publications and therefore, commitment!

Use paid followers acquisition campaigns in complement with an organic strategy

A great organic strategy is the best launch pad for a paid acquisition campaign. Being meticulous when it comes to producing and posting your content will help you getting great performances from your paid campaigns. A successful acquisition campaign is always based on quality content and high frequency of publication (at least 3 times a week). Instagram will also rely on your followers to target you future followers. The algorithm uses your followers interests and profiles who interact with your content to spread your ads. Reaching qualified audience as soon as you start is vital to keep your followers base qualified. Here, we talk about a base because it’s nearly impossible to have 100% real followers. We can talk about a very good followers base when more than 80% of your followers are real.

If you need an expert to help you developing your Instagram community, BBP can set up a totally organic strategy that guarantees you 1,000 qualified followers a month. Feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

Today, the majority of professionals accounts know that buying followers isn’t a long term solution, but it’s a process that still exists. If you’re wondering about how to invest, make sure you invest in the production of a great content first. The creation of a great organic strategy should also be you priority to make your paid acquisition campaign more efficient.

Social Networks ranked by evolution of the number of users in 2018

The evolution of the number of users on social media has become a central question for the past few years. The amount of people using social networks has been constantly growing for the past 10 years but now, we are observings slowdowns and decreases. These decreasing tendencies sometimes are the result of strategic choices (like the massive Snapchat update which brought down the average age of its users) but we are also facing saturation.

Here’s BPP’s large review of the evolution of the number of users by social media between 2017 and 2018. This analysis is based on most popular social networks including messaging apps but excluding Chinese social networks which represent an independant digital ecosystem.

Social networks based on visuals keep appealing new users. 

instagram users evolution

No need to look very far to find the common point between the 4 most significant growth : visual content. Indeed, Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest are exclusively dedicated to sharing visual and audiovisual content. Wherever tik Tok stands out thanks to his youth and his innovative concept, Instagram and Pinterest have succeeded in reinventing themselves with great updates based on the interests of their users while YouTube launched of its own streaming service.

In this leading group, Reddit is the great outsider. While the aesthetics of the platform probably deserves an overhaul, its mysterious and unique concept of “forum 2.0” keeps appealing.

1. Tik Tok (formerly : 200 million to 500 million – +150% 
2. Reddit: 234 millions to 330 millions – +41% 
3. Youtube: 1.5 billions to 1.9 billions – + 26% 
4. Instagram: 800 millions to 1 billions – +25% 

-. Pinterest: 200 millions to 250 millions – +25% 

Traditional social networks have found their pace. 

Facebook users evolution by year

Just behind Reddit, we find social networks that are quite far from trends. Linkedin, the B2B specialist and Viber the messaging app which remains far behind its main competitor (WhatsApp whose latest data reporting remain fairly discussed) despite an honourable growth. Facebook is obviously a special case, since it has already conquered nearly half of the world’s Internet users, more than a quarter of the world’s population. Despite a saturation that seems logical, Facebook has come out of a fruitful year, with great updates like the launching of its market place.

6. Linkedin: 500 millions to 590 millions – +18% 
7. Viber: 980 millions to 1.08 billion – +10.2% 
8. Facebook: 2.1 billions to 2.3 billions – +9.5% 

The poor students 

 At the bottom of the ranking, there’s no common factor to explain the slowdown of Snapchat, Twitter, and Skype. Each with its own problems. Twitter explained this decline by the removal of inactive users accounts. We give them the benefit of the doubt. For Snapchat, it’s much clearer : the 2018 update that took a lot of criticism made a lot of users leave and Instagram’s competition came at the worst moment. It is important to nuance the negative appearance of this trend: the economic health of Snapchat and Twitter is at the top, thanks to flamboyant advertising revenues!

For Skype, this is another subject. The messaging, obviously a victim of fierce competition, is undergoing a transformation to become a professional messaging service. We are talking about integration with Microsoft Teams

9. Snapchat: 187 million to 186 million – -0.5% 
10. Skype: Stagnation around 300 million – 0% 
11. Twitter: 330 million to 321 million – -2.7% 

Sources : Statista, BusinessOfApps, DMR – Business Statistics. 

3 essentials tools to measure the performance of your display campaigns

trafic analytics track

Optimized CPC and CPM, CTR above 2%… Your KPI’s can look very good, but to really analyze the results of a display campaign, you need to go deeper. You need to compare numbers collected on every channel and to analyze them from another point of view, with other tools. You often get differences between stats you get on your campaigns dashboards and your website actual traffic.

Here are 3 essentials tools to better understand the results of your display campaigns.

Use pixels to measure traffic

Every person who has been working on a digital strategy has already been facing a Google Analytics Dashboard. It’s one the first thing you do when you launch a website. When you advertise on a new display platform, installing a pixel should be the first thing to be done. The majority of platforms have pixels to measure your traffic, its origin and events related to a user’s visit. These pixels also allow you to set up retargeting campaigns to reach peaple who have visited your website. The installation process is very symple : you just need to copy and paste a piece of code on your website.

install pixel code

A pixel is very helpful to understand your trafic and to have a point of comparison with Google Analytics or any other technology installed to identify your trafic.

Track your url’s to identify the origin of every clics.

Url tracking is a useful complement to the pixel. Pixels sometimes give the origin of a visitor but they never make the difference between someone who clicked on your the url on your Facebook page and someone who clicked on the link of your Facebook ad.

utm url tracking display ads

Url tracking allows you to identify several informations about 1 click. To get these informations, you need to generate urls. Here’s the process : the platform adds values after your website urls that will help you identifying the platform, the media or even the campaign that generated the clic.

Example :

Create custom conversions

When you set up a campaign with objectives like selling products or collecting emails or generating downloads, we talk about conversion. Theses conversions can be tracked very simply. First, you need to identify the url that visitors access to once they have done the action that you want them to do (thank you page, payment confirmation…). Once you got this, you just need to create a conversion based on this url and you get notified every time this specific page is visited.

custom conversion display ads

In brief, these 3 tools will help you better understand your campaigns stats but they will also allow you to readjust your strategy according to the best performing channels. If you need to use these tools for your next campaign, fell free to contact BBP !

Enhance your content with Facebook Instant Experience !

facebook instant experience

Have you ever wished to spread your newsletters without needing any email adress ? This is almost what Facebook offers with Instant Experience ads. This new advertising format can be a major asset both for announcers and their audience. What are its strenghts ? What type of content should you promote using this advertising format ? Here’s BBP’s answer.

A great flexibility

Juste like stories, Instant Experience is a real innovation in social media advertising. This format allows you to present you commerical arguments freely.

Instant experience facebook ads

You can add images and carousels. This is very helpful if you want to promote a range of products or services. You can also include as much text as you want between your images to describe and promote what you are selling. Finally, you can incorporate customized CTA buttons juste like in a newsletter which is not possible in other advertising formats on Facebook.

Quality content for a qualified audience

Full screen ads canvas facebook instant experience

When you prepare an advertising campaign on Facebook, you probably spend a lot of time working on your audience. Retargeting your website’s visitors or people who interacted with you page or clients… Facebook offers a lot of combinations to build your audience.

Sometimes it may be frustrating to reach such a qualified audience with a single image or a carousel. With Instant Experience Ads, you can spread a more precise and more complete content. People reached by your ads will be able to document but also to picture your activity and choose an action while staying on a single app.

Even if your ad shows up as a sponsored ad first, the clics generated will give another dimension to your message with this full screen. Instant Experience ads is a great tool for announcers who want to share a rich and creative content without redirecting their audience out of Facebook.

B2B Digital Marketing: Your sales will thank you !

Reading time : 5 minutes

To start the year off right, we decided to share 3 essential points to create a successful BtoB digital marketing strategy. Our appproach isn’t fundamentally new because we use media practices that already exist, but we combine them with technologies that have been performing very well for the past years. Here’s what has been working for us and our clients in 2018.

As a marketer, a «Test & learn» approch is essential and so is a perpetual reassessment regarding your actions. This is never about doubting but it’s about being curious and learning to keepincreasing the efficacy of your marketing strategy. The strategy detailed below is the result of the experience gained through the past year.

Have a good reading !

BtoB Marketing is good, but conversion is better.

Conversion is the first targetedobjective by Very Small Business and Small Business companies when they communicate.

This type of companies often have a pragmatic approach when it comes to marketing. How to measure and maximize ROI of a digital strategy?

Each firm has its own KPI’s andcriterias to measure its campaigns’ ROI. If users or clients acquired (directly or not) from campaigns is the most closely watched and the most relevant indicator, it’s not the only one that matters.

In 2019, BtoB marketers can be glad: they have accessto technologies and tools that can help setting up innovative actions while being able to measure their efficacy.

Digital markteing is getting more and more rational, scientific and more than ever a great lead generator for sales teams. The success of these campaigns depends on the creation of anactual marketing strategy. That means fixing clear objectives, choosing the right tools and a rigorous marketing track.

The sales team must be reactive to close the leads generated or identified by the media campaings.

We made the article below to share a method that we have built progressively and that works for our agency and our BtoB clients.

This method is based on 3 pillars :

  1. Trafic generation
  2. Automated sales prospecting on a highly qualified database
  3. Identifying the companies that have visited your website or landing page.

We won’t present each lever in this article. We will focus on the strategy to fill your pipeline with constant and qualified opportunities.

I. Generate trafic on your website or landing page

Trafic on your website is essential to your marketing strategy. The more trafic you get, the more data you collect to achieve your commercial and marketing objectives. The analysis of this data is very important to determine your next actions. We will get back to this in the third part.

You have several ways to generate trafic :

  • Natural method : you get visitors thanks to your regular actions (newsletter, articles, prospection…) and from your position on search engines that is determined by yourSEO actions.
  • Paying method : in this case, you generate additional qualified trafic on your website. Linkedin is the main channel for a BtoB Social Media campaign. Feel free to read our article about Linkedin campaigns.

Regarding display, you have can choose between lot of websites and newsletters of your industry. SEA (adwords and other SEA platforms) is also a major tool to generate trafic on your website.

Retargeting : when your trafic is high enough (the majority of BtoB companies doesn’t need thousands visitors to achieve their marketing objectives) you can retarget your website’s visitors on display and social media platforms. Some campaigns are made for conversion (formular, trial offer, contact) but in this first point, it’s about increasing your website’s trafic. Conversion from paying campaigns is another subject.

II. Automated prospection on a highly qualified database

Create a qualified database

A successful email prospecting campaign depends on the quality of your contacts database. You need to determine your target and then your «buyer persona» : the contact who is able to answer you and make decisions. A lot of providers are selling contact files based on your criterias. You can choose between company size, industry, function and more.Some providers allow you to chose criterias even more precise.

For example, you can choose to target companies that have a Chinese version of their website or that have relevant keywords on their website. You can also target companies that use retargeting technologies or that have been advertising on social media, TV, press or radio for the past 3 months. The more precise your targeting is, the more qualified your contact database will be and you’ll get more chance of sending a relevant message to your recipient.

Start your automated prospection campaign

Once your contact database is all set, you can create your scenario: a first email with 3 or 4 follow ups. 5 emails are likely enough. If you don’t get any answer, it means that your recipient isn’t ready or simply not interested.

This step is about setting up a tool that works on your contacts database to regularly fill your pipeline and avoid empty periods (production periods after prospection periods).

Most of the automated prospection softwares (GDPR compliant and linked to your inbox) allow you to monitor your prospection and provide precious datalike the opening rate, the answering rate or the best performing scenario. Some softwares can even help you writing your email to maximize your impact. Each time you get an answer, whether it’s positive or negative, the scenario stops so that you can start a conversation. These tools allow you to focus on positive answers. It helps you bringing pre-qualified leads to your sales team. The conversation between the prospect and yourcommercial can only be more pleasant.

III. Measure the performance of your campaigns, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Most companies can access easily to their website data using very famous tools like Google Analytics. These tools allow you to measure many indicators : trafic, trafic sources, bounce rate, length of the sessions, number of visitors (unique and recurrent), conversion rate of your website or even conversion rate of your paying campaigns. Since few years, you can even identify companies that are visiting your website.There are several softwares that can help you understanding the nature of your trafic associating company names with IP.

These technologies can identify between 15 and 25% of your website trafic.

These informations are very precious for your marketing strategy and your sales team.

Understanding the type of industry that is visiting your website is essential.In addition to the company name, you will be able to identify the channel that drove your visitor to your website: A newsletter, an adwords campaign, a linkedin campaign? Or is it a result of SEO? These informations help you analyzing and adjusting your acquisition strategies. Visits are ranked from hot to cold dependingon the number of interactions and visits of the company on your website.

We installed this type of solutions for some clients: they simply reorganized their prospection around the informations collected thanks to this process. Sales representatives based their daily tasks on this tool. This strategy will help you increasing your website’s trafic and filling your pipeline regularly.

Your sales will thank you !

This experience helped us developping an BtoB proposal that is made both for VSB and large companies who need help for their digital marketing strategy.We hope this article will be helpful for your 2019 media strategy.

Our team wish you a happy new year with leads and growth !

Erick Gommeaux

4 reasons why you should use Amazon Advertising

4 reasons to use amazon advertising

2018 has been a pivotal year for Amazon advertising. The american firm has experienced a substantial growth of its advertising revenues by generating almost $10 billions. Amazon Advertising is now the third advertising platform just behind Google and Facebook. Here are 4 reasons why you should set campaigns on Amazon Advertising.

Being present on one of the most powerful advertising channel.

The first reason whu you should advertise using Amazon’s tool may sound obvious. When a B2C firm wants to promote its products, advertising using Facebook ads and / or adwords is pretty natural. This may be the case for a platform that keeps impressing. When you look at its 2018 growth rate (almost 150%) and its ambitions regarding the B2B market, there’s no doubt that Amazon Advertising is going to become essential.

An unprecedented growth.

Amazon’s advertising tool has been running for 6 years, but 2018 may be the most important year of its history. Thanks to great updates, Amazon Advertising has experienced a wide success. The platform’s turnover has reached $2,5 billions only on 2018 Q3. Some analysts say that Amazon Advertising will even overtake Amazon Web Services in terms of revenues in 2021.

A user-friendly platform

The campaign manager is quite easy to use. If you’ve already used Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, it will even be more easy to create your campaigns. Amazon Advertising provides a tool with a sober design that offers very precious data like long tail keywords. This can be very helpful for announcers with little experience.

A highly performant B2B channel

In 2015 Amazon launched Amazon Business, a marketplace dedicated to the B2B market. This business unit also experienced an impressive growth with a $10 billons sales revenue only in 2018 ! This should motivate every marketing team to watch Amazon Advertising’s next moves regarding the B2B Market.

Amazon has always been considered as one of the most powerful companies in the world, but they keep improving their services with success. This might be the right time to get started with Amazon ads tool. Don’t hesitate to contact us to set your PPC campaigns up !

Use the strength of Linkedin’s targeting tool to generate leads

publicité linkedin

Linkedin is the number 1 B2B social network. Here’s a review of Linkedin’s Campaign Manager strengths by your business partner BBP. Linkedin targeting tool is based on an extremly rich and precise database that can be very powerful to generate leads, but it needs to upgrade on several points. 

One of the most valuable database on the market 

Jobs, networking and informations, here is what you use Linkedin for. A lot of social networks have a variety of functions. Linkedin is made for professionnals and that’s what makes its strength. This strategic positionning helped Linkedin building an extremely accurate database. Function, mutual contacts, studies, line of business… You can target each data item with Linkedin Campaign Manager.

There’s a big difference between Facebook and Linkedin targeting tools. Aside from the demographics, Facebook ads is based on the user’s behavior while Linkedin uses the datas collected on every profile. If you target a specific profile (example : head of HR in a company with more than 500 employees) the margin of error is very low.

A great targeting tool with some weaknesses 

Despite the quality of its informations, Linkedin’s targeting tool has also its drawbacks. First of all, the number of users. Linkedin has way less users than giants like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, even if it’s one of the most popular social networks in France. 

You also got to pay for the quality of these informations. The last digital studies estimate the average ads CPC between 3€ and 7€ when Facebook or Twitter is under 0,50€. Everybody knows that BtoB often means more expensive average baskets, but these costs may refrain announcers from advertising on Linkedin. 

In practical terms, Linkedin is less user-friendly than its indirect competitors. Let’s talk about the quality of KPIs. For example, when you launch a sponsored InMail campaign, Linkedin gathers openings and other clics, which means you can’t isolate your opening rate from your click rate. 

Generating leads and qualified traffic 

Generating leads is crucial when it comes to marketing B2B. Linkedin offers several advertising formats that are very powerful to create precious contacts. For example, ads with fomular allow you to gather strategic informations (position, company name, email adress…). Sponsored InMails are very helpful to catch a highly qualified audience’s attention by advertising at the top of the inbox. You can add as many links as you want in your InMail to drive traffic to your landing page. 

Once your traffic generation campaign is all set, it’s very important to identify your visitors. In addition to setting up your campaigns, BBP can help you in identifying the companies that are visiting your website. Feel free to contact us to know more about our BtoB offer. 

Boost your impressions with Instagram sponsored stories !

sponsored stories

Wether you’re a trend spotter or a photography lover, you are familiar with Instagram sponsored stories. This format is getting more and more popular and is becoming a major advertising channel for social networks. What are its advantages ? How to use it ? Here’s BBP’s answer.

A unique advertising format 

Originally popularized by Snapchat, the story format represents a minor revolution for sharing content on social network. “Instant Experience”, the last advertising format developped by Facebook is also inspired from the full screen experience. You can use many formats like videos, photos, gifs or boomerangs to enliven your content. The most creatives teams even creates mini-games for their audiences.

sponsored stories

Reach a bigger audience  

Sponsored stories are made for brand awareness. This format allows you to catch your audience’s attention without any competition and help people memorizing your content if you set the good capping. 

The way that these ads are shown is quite similar to what we’re used to in display campaigns. However, sponsored stories gives a way more positive image to your content and your brand. Instead of disturbing the user’s experience, your content is shown between two organic stories and viewers are free to skip your ad. This “freedom” contrasts with the negative image of classic display ads.

In terms of statistics, sponsored stories . If your targetting is fine-tuned, you can get a very cheap CPM (sometimes even lower than display CPM). In other words, sponsored stories have every elements to please and a bright future.

Client Case – Bags and accessories brand Artonvel recorded its best on-line sales results with BBP !

Artonvel BBP cas client

When you aim to sell your products, on-line sale is mostly always mandatory. Physical sale is a great for the disposal of first stocks but the launching of an e-shop is the trickiest part. When you decide to set up on-line sale, you must face several obstacles like the lack of visibility or the visitor’s lack of trust. All of these problems can stop the visitor from buying your product.

Artonvel choose us as their partner to manager their social media advertising campaigns. They wanted to increase the visibility and the sales of their flagship product : a legbag for bikers. The challenge is exciting and difficult at the same time because the Artonvel legbag is a high-end product.

Building Artonvel’s visibility & Traffic generation

We started by lauching campaigns to increase Artonvel’s visibility and generate traffic on the e-shop. Artonvel had a great content that largely contributed to the success of the first campaigns. We also defined a accurate targeting based on their knowledge of the market. To fully exploit the potential of their visual content, we decided to set up Instagram Story campaigns : a full screen experience which is very powerful when it comes to generating impressions.

These campaigns have resulted a 30% traffic growth in less than 2 months.

Generating on-line sales

Artonvel sacoche de jambe pour motard

After working on the increase of the visibility of Artonvel, we did deal with the crux of the issue : conversion. We opted for a direct stategy : the aim was to bring our audience straight to the product purchase pages. The purpose was to reduce the number of pages and the loading time before proceeding to payment.

We also decided to adapt the visuals to make our campaign clearer. We added an information on the visual in addition to the call to action. Our collaboration started in february 2018. 4 months later, in June 2018, Artonvel achieves its on-line sales record with the help of BBP !

How does an advertising agency proceed to monitor your social media ads campaigns ?

brief campagne publicité agence

what does an agency do

If you’re an advertiser, you’ve probably met agency asking for huge fees without actually knowing what you have or would have paid for. If numerous advertising agencies obviously get overpaid, social media advertising remains a real challenge that requires a lot of skills and experience.


This is the most important step in the colaborative process between an advertiser and an agency. The advertiser must share the most accurate information while the agency must take the time to focus on each element. This step will determine the relevance of a media campaign.

Resizing and editing

If you produced visuals for you campaign, the agency will always have to work on the formats (size, formats…). Every visual need to be adapted to fit different advertising formats. This work requires the use of specifics softwares like Photoshop or Illustrator, even if you already worked with a designer.

responsive resizing editing agency


Targeting is one of the most important element when it comes to social media advertising. The agency needs to gather multiple parameters to make sure your message reaches the right audience. Indeed, having a precise target doesn’t always mean that the audience is easy to reach ! All your data and ideas cannot be used to parameter a targeting tool. Your advertising expert will do his best to get as close as possible to your standard profile.

Facebook ads audience expert


Optimization is the daily work of an agency. Once your campaigns are launched, your partner analyze the performances and will make many changes (wordings, targeting parameters, visuals, call-to-action…). This is called A-B testing. Each element’s impact will help the agency finding the best formula to spend your budget. This means a single campaign is actually built with several campaigns.


Reporting is a key step of an advertising campaign. Wether your campaign was successful or not, a solid reporting is the base of your reflexion for your next steps. It will help you identifying where you are doing well and overall where you need to do better.