Use the strength of Linkedin’s targeting tool to generate leads

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Linkedin is the number 1 B2B social network. Here’s a review of Linkedin’s Campaign Manager strengths by your business partner BBP. Linkedin targeting tool is based on an extremly rich and precise database that can be very powerful to generate leads, but it needs to upgrade on several points. 

One of the most valuable database on the market 

Jobs, networking and informations, here is what you use Linkedin for. A lot of social networks have a variety of functions. Linkedin is made for professionnals and that’s what makes its strength. This strategic positionning helped Linkedin building an extremely accurate database. Function, mutual contacts, studies, line of business… You can target each data item with Linkedin Campaign Manager.

There’s a big difference between Facebook and Linkedin targeting tools. Aside from the demographics, Facebook ads is based on the user’s behavior while Linkedin uses the datas collected on every profile. If you target a specific profile (example : head of HR in a company with more than 500 employees) the margin of error is very low.

A great targeting tool with some weaknesses 

Despite the quality of its informations, Linkedin’s targeting tool has also its drawbacks. First of all, the number of users. Linkedin has way less users than giants like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, even if it’s one of the most popular social networks in France. 

You also got to pay for the quality of these informations. The last digital studies estimate the average ads CPC between 3€ and 7€ when Facebook or Twitter is under 0,50€. Everybody knows that BtoB often means more expensive average baskets, but these costs may refrain announcers from advertising on Linkedin. 

In practical terms, Linkedin is less user-friendly than its indirect competitors. Let’s talk about the quality of KPIs. For example, when you launch a sponsored InMail campaign, Linkedin gathers openings and other clics, which means you can’t isolate your opening rate from your click rate. 

Generating leads and qualified traffic 

Generating leads is crucial when it comes to marketing B2B. Linkedin offers several advertising formats that are very powerful to create precious contacts. For example, ads with fomular allow you to gather strategic informations (position, company name, email adress…). Sponsored InMails are very helpful to catch a highly qualified audience’s attention by advertising at the top of the inbox. You can add as many links as you want in your InMail to drive traffic to your landing page. 

Once your traffic generation campaign is all set, it’s very important to identify your visitors. In addition to setting up your campaigns, BBP can help you in identifying the companies that are visiting your website. Feel free to contact us to know more about our BtoB offer. 

Boost your impressions with Instagram sponsored stories !

sponsored stories

Wether you’re a trend spotter or a photography lover, you are familiar with Instagram sponsored stories. This format is getting more and more popular and is becoming a major advertising channel for social networks. What are its advantages ? How to use it ? Here’s BBP’s answer.

A unique advertising format 

Originally popularized by Snapchat, the story format represents a minor revolution for sharing content on social network. “Instant Experience”, the last advertising format developped by Facebook is also inspired from the full screen experience. You can use many formats like videos, photos, gifs or boomerangs to enliven your content. The most creatives teams even creates mini-games for their audiences.

sponsored stories

Reach a bigger audience  

Sponsored stories are made for brand awareness. This format allows you to catch your audience’s attention without any competition and help people memorizing your content if you set the good capping. 

The way that these ads are shown is quite similar to what we’re used to in display campaigns. However, sponsored stories gives a way more positive image to your content and your brand. Instead of disturbing the user’s experience, your content is shown between two organic stories and viewers are free to skip your ad. This “freedom” contrasts with the negative image of classic display ads.

In terms of statistics, sponsored stories . If your targetting is fine-tuned, you can get a very cheap CPM (sometimes even lower than display CPM). In other words, sponsored stories have every elements to please and a bright future.

Client Case – Bags and accessories brand Artonvel recorded its best on-line sales results with BBP !

Artonvel BBP cas client

When you aim to sell your products, on-line sale is mostly always mandatory. Physical sale is a great for the disposal of first stocks but the launching of an e-shop is the trickiest part. When you decide to set up on-line sale, you must face several obstacles like the lack of visibility or the visitor’s lack of trust. All of these problems can stop the visitor from buying your product.

Artonvel choose us as their partner to manager their social media advertising campaigns. They wanted to increase the visibility and the sales of their flagship product : a legbag for bikers. The challenge is exciting and difficult at the same time because the Artonvel legbag is a high-end product.

Building Artonvel’s visibility & Traffic generation

We started by lauching campaigns to increase Artonvel’s visibility and generate traffic on the e-shop. Artonvel had a great content that largely contributed to the success of the first campaigns. We also defined a accurate targeting based on their knowledge of the market. To fully exploit the potential of their visual content, we decided to set up Instagram Story campaigns : a full screen experience which is very powerful when it comes to generating impressions.

These campaigns have resulted a 30% traffic growth in less than 2 months.

Generating on-line sales

Artonvel sacoche de jambe pour motard

After working on the increase of the visibility of Artonvel, we did deal with the crux of the issue : conversion. We opted for a direct stategy : the aim was to bring our audience straight to the product purchase pages. The purpose was to reduce the number of pages and the loading time before proceeding to payment.

We also decided to adapt the visuals to make our campaign clearer. We added an information on the visual in addition to the call to action. Our collaboration started in february 2018. 4 months later, in June 2018, Artonvel achieves its on-line sales record with the help of BBP !

How does an advertising agency proceed to monitor your social media ads campaigns ?

brief campagne publicité agence

what does an agency do

If you’re an advertiser, you’ve probably met agency asking for huge fees without actually knowing what you have or would have paid for. If numerous advertising agencies obviously get overpaid, social media advertising remains a real challenge that requires a lot of skills and experience.


This is the most important step in the colaborative process between an advertiser and an agency. The advertiser must share the most accurate information while the agency must take the time to focus on each element. This step will determine the relevance of a media campaign.

Resizing and editing

If you produced visuals for you campaign, the agency will always have to work on the formats (size, formats…). Every visual need to be adapted to fit different advertising formats. This work requires the use of specifics softwares like Photoshop or Illustrator, even if you already worked with a designer.

responsive resizing editing agency


Targeting is one of the most important element when it comes to social media advertising. The agency needs to gather multiple parameters to make sure your message reaches the right audience. Indeed, having a precise target doesn’t always mean that the audience is easy to reach ! All your data and ideas cannot be used to parameter a targeting tool. Your advertising expert will do his best to get as close as possible to your standard profile.

Facebook ads audience expert


Optimization is the daily work of an agency. Once your campaigns are launched, your partner analyze the performances and will make many changes (wordings, targeting parameters, visuals, call-to-action…). This is called A-B testing. Each element’s impact will help the agency finding the best formula to spend your budget. This means a single campaign is actually built with several campaigns.


Reporting is a key step of an advertising campaign. Wether your campaign was successful or not, a solid reporting is the base of your reflexion for your next steps. It will help you identifying where you are doing well and overall where you need to do better.

Why should you reach out to an expert for Social Media Advertising ?

facebook ads agency marketing expert

facebook ads agency marketing expert

Sponsored ads are essentials when it comes to digital communication. Here is the question that keeps coming up : How much should I spend on Social Media Advertising ? Almost every Facebook or Linkedin users is able to boost a post, but creating a successful social media ad campaign requires a true expertise.

You must reassure your audience.

It can sound patently obivous mais this reminder is very important : your page MUST be active while your social ads are running. You don’t need to post every 2 hours : you should focus on the quality of your content and the frequency of publication. These are the most important points. Posting once or twice a week can be quite enough to reassure your audience.

facebook ads agency marketing expert

Invest to benefit from a specialized expertise.

Today, you can find countless tutorials & webinars that will allow you to get some great skills for free. Theses ressources are very precious can be very helpful to plan your online marketing strategies but despite their high relevance, these content will never replace an expert. Experience is the key. Someone who has been working for years in this domain probably has faced failures and risks while you didn’t.

The entire structure of your campaign must be carefully built. From the content to budget optimization, each element must be handled and produced with the benefit of hindsight. The problem is that deadlines are getting shorter and shorter. Only professional experience can reduce the risks and help you selecting the most appropriate choice. In more concrete terms, a experienced designer will know how to catch your audience’s attention while a media bying expert will know how to optimize your budget to reach your target.

Here’s a little reminder : if you’re looking for an expert to launch your campaigns, don’t hesitate and just ask BBP, the brand’s business partner !