4 tips to collaborate with your media partner on Facebook and Instagram

You probably already know that Facebook Ads is a very powerful platform. It is very helpful to reach your marketing goals, but it is also built to collavorate efficiently. Wether you plan to work with a new member in your team or to begin a new partnership with an agency, Facebook allows you to share informations safely. Here are some tips to help you start your collaboration with a partner.

donner acces a ma page facebook à un partenaire

How can I allow a partner to post under my Facebook page’s name ?

There are multiple ways to allow someone to post under your Facebook page’s name. On one hand, if a new person is joining your team, you can simply add his Facebook account as your page editor or administrator. On the other hand, if you decide to work with an agency for example, they can send a request for a role on your page.

In both cases, you can do this in the page role section.

Is it possible on Instagram ?

partager mon compte instagram a un partenaire

This is a recurring question. Indeed, the biggest instagram accounts represent a considerable workload. A workload that frequently needs to be divided between several people. As of today, there are two methods to allow someone to post under your Instagram account name. The first is to share your password. You will be able to be logged in on several devices. The second is to use creator studio (make sure that your Facebook Page and your Instagram account are linked first). Facebook’s creative tool also allows you to schedule your posts.

How can I share my Facebook Pixel with a media partner ?

If you got a Facebook pixel running on your website, you can allow someone to use its data and to manage it. Your partner will be able to benefit from the collected data since it was installed.

To grant access to your pixel, visit the business settings in your business manager. Then, go to the data source section and click on “pixels”. Then, select the pixel you need to share and click on the “Assign patners” and fill the field with the Partner business ID (not to be confused with the AD account number which is nearly similar).

This process can be used to share any data available in your Business Manager (products catalogues, audiences, custom conversions…).

How can a media partner advertise under my Facebook and Instagram account’s name ?

community manager partenaire

This situation is one of the main starting points of a Facebook Ads collaboration. When company lack the ressources to create ad campaigns, working with experts may be the best solution. In this case, your partner will have to send your Facebook page a request to create ads under your account’s name. Then, you just have to accept the request in the “page role” section in the parameters of your Facebook page.

Facebook has created a lot of smart tools to collaborate efficiently. Indeed, you can make choices between taks that need to be delegated and informations that need to be shared with partners. Facebook offers a great flexibility to help companies to in or out source the management of social media accounts and advertising.