Pre-roll & In-stream : What are YouTube ad specs ?

Choosing an ad format on YouTube can be complicated when you’re not using google ads everyday. Pre-roll and in-stream ads are booming theses times and many advertisers are using more and more videos. For the year 2019 only, YouTube generated revenues of 15 billions dollars

BBP proposes a panorama of YouTubes numerous advertising formats.


Display ads are exactly like recommended videos on YouTube apart from the fact that you must pay to get your video in the right column. These ads are shown with videos results related to keywords, themes or video categories you selected in your campaign parameters.

Colonne droite youtube pre-roll

This ad placement is much less intrusive than instream or pre-roll and is the best compromise between being visible and not disturbing the user experience. 

Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are great for repetition. A short format (6 secs) non skippable is the best way to to catch th viewer’s attention on a short amout of time and make sure that your entire ad is watched (if the YouTube user is actually in front of his screen). 

Bumper ads are really made to increase product or brand awareness. If you choose you use this format, make sure that your video goes straight to the point. Some advertisers can be really smart by creating a whole concept in 6 seconds but remember that a sober video with a clearly visible logo can help user memorize.

Skippable Ads

Pre-roll skippable ads are probably the most popular ads on YouTube. This format is also the most polyvalent. Indeed, you can find theses type ads on nearly every device (computer, tv, games cosoles, mobile…). There are two types of skippable ads. Preroll (before the video) or insteam (during the video). These ad placement are very popular but also very criticized.

This is why you need to be meticulous when you use them. When you reach a good audience among youtube users, you can get excellent results. A great view rate is estimated around 15%. Concretely, this means that 15% of people that are seeing your ad don’t click the “skip this ad” button. Some of our clients with great content managed to reach a 50% view rate ! Working on a surgical keyword list and great content is the key !

Youtube publicite visionnage obligatoire pre-roll

Pre-roll Non Skippable ads

There is nearly no difference between skippable and non skippable-ads. Ad specs are the same except that non-skippable ads are only shown on mobile and computer. The main difference is logically the cost. Forcing users will always take more budget. 

Year after year, YouTube developped a great catalog of ad placements. Pre-roll is now more than ever one of the main pillar of digital marketing.