Enhance your content with Facebook Instant Experience !

Have you ever wished to spread your newsletters without needing any email adress ? This is almost what Facebook offers with Instant Experience ads. This new advertising format can be a major asset both for announcers and their audience. What are its strenghts ? What type of content should you promote using this advertising format ? Here’s BBP’s answer.

A great flexibility

Juste like stories, Instant Experience is a real innovation in social media advertising. This format allows you to present you commerical arguments freely.

Instant experience facebook ads

You can add images and carousels. This is very helpful if you want to promote a range of products or services. You can also include as much text as you want between your images to describe and promote what you are selling. Finally, you can incorporate customized CTA buttons juste like in a newsletter which is not possible in other advertising formats on Facebook.

Quality content for a qualified audience

Full screen ads canvas facebook instant experience

When you prepare an advertising campaign on Facebook, you probably spend a lot of time working on your audience. Retargeting your website’s visitors or people who interacted with you page or clients… Facebook offers a lot of combinations to build your audience.

Sometimes it may be frustrating to reach such a qualified audience with a single image or a carousel. With Instant Experience Ads, you can spread a more precise and more complete content. People reached by your ads will be able to document but also to picture your activity and choose an action while staying on a single app.

Even if your ad shows up as a sponsored ad first, the clics generated will give another dimension to your message with this full screen. Instant Experience ads is a great tool for announcers who want to share a rich and creative content without redirecting their audience out of Facebook.