B2B Digital Marketing: Your sales will thank you !

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To start the year off right, we decided to share 3 essential points to create a successful BtoB digital marketing strategy. Our appproach isn’t fundamentally new because we use media practices that already exist, but we combine them with technologies that have been performing very well for the past years. Here’s what has been working for us and our clients in 2018.

As a marketer, a «Test & learn» approch is essential and so is a perpetual reassessment regarding your actions. This is never about doubting but it’s about being curious and learning to keepincreasing the efficacy of your marketing strategy. The strategy detailed below is the result of the experience gained through the past year.

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BtoB Marketing is good, but conversion is better.

Conversion is the first targetedobjective by Very Small Business and Small Business companies when they communicate.

This type of companies often have a pragmatic approach when it comes to marketing. How to measure and maximize ROI of a digital strategy?

Each firm has its own KPI’s andcriterias to measure its campaigns’ ROI. If users or clients acquired (directly or not) from campaigns is the most closely watched and the most relevant indicator, it’s not the only one that matters.

In 2019, BtoB marketers can be glad: they have accessto technologies and tools that can help setting up innovative actions while being able to measure their efficacy.

Digital markteing is getting more and more rational, scientific and more than ever a great lead generator for sales teams. The success of these campaigns depends on the creation of anactual marketing strategy. That means fixing clear objectives, choosing the right tools and a rigorous marketing track.

The sales team must be reactive to close the leads generated or identified by the media campaings.

We made the article below to share a method that we have built progressively and that works for our agency and our BtoB clients.

This method is based on 3 pillars :

  1. Trafic generation
  2. Automated sales prospecting on a highly qualified database
  3. Identifying the companies that have visited your website or landing page.

We won’t present each lever in this article. We will focus on the strategy to fill your pipeline with constant and qualified opportunities.

I. Generate trafic on your website or landing page

Trafic on your website is essential to your marketing strategy. The more trafic you get, the more data you collect to achieve your commercial and marketing objectives. The analysis of this data is very important to determine your next actions. We will get back to this in the third part.

You have several ways to generate trafic :

  • Natural method : you get visitors thanks to your regular actions (newsletter, articles, prospection…) and from your position on search engines that is determined by yourSEO actions.
  • Paying method : in this case, you generate additional qualified trafic on your website. Linkedin is the main channel for a BtoB Social Media campaign. Feel free to read our article about Linkedin campaigns.

Regarding display, you have can choose between lot of websites and newsletters of your industry. SEA (adwords and other SEA platforms) is also a major tool to generate trafic on your website.

Retargeting : when your trafic is high enough (the majority of BtoB companies doesn’t need thousands visitors to achieve their marketing objectives) you can retarget your website’s visitors on display and social media platforms. Some campaigns are made for conversion (formular, trial offer, contact) but in this first point, it’s about increasing your website’s trafic. Conversion from paying campaigns is another subject.

II. Automated prospection on a highly qualified database

Create a qualified database

A successful email prospecting campaign depends on the quality of your contacts database. You need to determine your target and then your «buyer persona» : the contact who is able to answer you and make decisions. A lot of providers are selling contact files based on your criterias. You can choose between company size, industry, function and more.Some providers allow you to chose criterias even more precise.

For example, you can choose to target companies that have a Chinese version of their website or that have relevant keywords on their website. You can also target companies that use retargeting technologies or that have been advertising on social media, TV, press or radio for the past 3 months. The more precise your targeting is, the more qualified your contact database will be and you’ll get more chance of sending a relevant message to your recipient.

Start your automated prospection campaign

Once your contact database is all set, you can create your scenario: a first email with 3 or 4 follow ups. 5 emails are likely enough. If you don’t get any answer, it means that your recipient isn’t ready or simply not interested.

This step is about setting up a tool that works on your contacts database to regularly fill your pipeline and avoid empty periods (production periods after prospection periods).

Most of the automated prospection softwares (GDPR compliant and linked to your inbox) allow you to monitor your prospection and provide precious datalike the opening rate, the answering rate or the best performing scenario. Some softwares can even help you writing your email to maximize your impact. Each time you get an answer, whether it’s positive or negative, the scenario stops so that you can start a conversation. These tools allow you to focus on positive answers. It helps you bringing pre-qualified leads to your sales team. The conversation between the prospect and yourcommercial can only be more pleasant.

III. Measure the performance of your campaigns, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Most companies can access easily to their website data using very famous tools like Google Analytics. These tools allow you to measure many indicators : trafic, trafic sources, bounce rate, length of the sessions, number of visitors (unique and recurrent), conversion rate of your website or even conversion rate of your paying campaigns. Since few years, you can even identify companies that are visiting your website.There are several softwares that can help you understanding the nature of your trafic associating company names with IP.

These technologies can identify between 15 and 25% of your website trafic.

These informations are very precious for your marketing strategy and your sales team.

Understanding the type of industry that is visiting your website is essential.In addition to the company name, you will be able to identify the channel that drove your visitor to your website: A newsletter, an adwords campaign, a linkedin campaign? Or is it a result of SEO? These informations help you analyzing and adjusting your acquisition strategies. Visits are ranked from hot to cold dependingon the number of interactions and visits of the company on your website.

We installed this type of solutions for some clients: they simply reorganized their prospection around the informations collected thanks to this process. Sales representatives based their daily tasks on this tool. This strategy will help you increasing your website’s trafic and filling your pipeline regularly.

Your sales will thank you !

This experience helped us developping an BtoB proposal that is made both for VSB and large companies who need help for their digital marketing strategy.We hope this article will be helpful for your 2019 media strategy.

Our team wish you a happy new year with leads and growth !

Erick Gommeaux