4 reasons why you should use Amazon Advertising

2018 has been a pivotal year for Amazon advertising. The american firm has experienced a substantial growth of its advertising revenues by generating almost $10 billions. Amazon Advertising is now the third advertising platform just behind Google and Facebook. Here are 4 reasons why you should set campaigns on Amazon Advertising.

Being present on one of the most powerful advertising channel.

The first reason whu you should advertise using Amazon’s tool may sound obvious. When a B2C firm wants to promote its products, advertising using Facebook ads and / or adwords is pretty natural. This may be the case for a platform that keeps impressing. When you look at its 2018 growth rate (almost 150%) and its ambitions regarding the B2B market, there’s no doubt that Amazon Advertising is going to become essential.

An unprecedented growth.

Amazon’s advertising tool has been running for 6 years, but 2018 may be the most important year of its history. Thanks to great updates, Amazon Advertising has experienced a wide success. The platform’s turnover has reached $2,5 billions only on 2018 Q3. Some analysts say that Amazon Advertising will even overtake Amazon Web Services in terms of revenues in 2021.

A user-friendly platform

The campaign manager is quite easy to use. If you’ve already used Facebook Ads and Google Adwords, it will even be more easy to create your campaigns. Amazon Advertising provides a tool with a sober design that offers very precious data like long tail keywords. This can be very helpful for announcers with little experience.

A highly performant B2B channel

In 2015 Amazon launched Amazon Business, a marketplace dedicated to the B2B market. This business unit also experienced an impressive growth with a $10 billons sales revenue only in 2018 ! This should motivate every marketing team to watch Amazon Advertising’s next moves regarding the B2B Market.

Amazon has always been considered as one of the most powerful companies in the world, but they keep improving their services with success. This might be the right time to get started with Amazon ads tool. Don’t hesitate to contact us to set your PPC campaigns up !