Client Case – Bags and accessories brand Artonvel recorded its best on-line sales results with BBP !

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When you aim to sell your products, on-line sale is mostly always mandatory. Physical sale is a great for the disposal of first stocks but the launching of an e-shop is the trickiest part. When you decide to set up on-line sale, you must face several obstacles like the lack of visibility or the visitor’s lack of trust. All of these problems can stop the visitor from buying your product.

Artonvel choose us as their partner to manager their social media advertising campaigns. They wanted to increase the visibility and the sales of their flagship product : a legbag for bikers. The challenge is exciting and difficult at the same time because the Artonvel legbag is a high-end product.

Building Artonvel’s visibility & Traffic generation

We started by lauching campaigns to increase Artonvel’s visibility and generate traffic on the e-shop. Artonvel had a great content that largely contributed to the success of the first campaigns. We also defined a accurate targeting based on their knowledge of the market. To fully exploit the potential of their visual content, we decided to set up Instagram Story campaigns : a full screen experience which is very powerful when it comes to generating impressions.

These campaigns have resulted a 30% traffic growth in less than 2 months.

Generating on-line sales

Artonvel sacoche de jambe pour motard

After working on the increase of the visibility of Artonvel, we did deal with the crux of the issue : conversion. We opted for a direct stategy : the aim was to bring our audience straight to the product purchase pages. The purpose was to reduce the number of pages and the loading time before proceeding to payment.

We also decided to adapt the visuals to make our campaign clearer. We added an information on the visual in addition to the call to action. Our collaboration started in february 2018. 4 months later, in June 2018, Artonvel achieves its on-line sales record with the help of BBP !