From Paris to Hong Kong

Independent media agency based in Paris and Hong Kong, BBP leads you to your marketing and business objectives by setting up and executing creative, innovative and measurable media strategies.

Our expertise is cross media and supervise any communication needs within Europe and Asia.

Our media expertise

Facebook logo
  • Strategic recommandation
  • Facebook ads campaigns
  • Community Management
  • Quizz / Games
Instagram logo
  • Editorial Line / Strategic recommandation
  • Instagram ads campaigns
  • Grid (conception and animation)
  • Followers acquisition
Twitter expertise
  • Editorial Line
  • Daily interactions with relevant eco-system
  • Followers acquisition
  • Advertising campaigns
Youtube logo
  • Strategic recommandation
  • Advertising campaign
  • Creation and adaptation of your content
  • Advertising campaigns (Linkedin Ads)
  • Business page animation
Automation marketing
  • Audit of your digital commercial strategy
  • Set-up of your lead generation machine

At the service of your marketing goals

Strategic teasing

Image and awareness

Drive to web / store

Engagement and leads

Our approach

BBP media agency is a passionate team of media and social media experts from 25 to 30 years old. Our look is curious, interested in the latest trends and technologies in communication, mentioning also traditional media input, often indispensable for developing the most efficient media campaign.

Our business core is monitoring your campaign through recommendation, strategy and media buying. We are committed to recommend innovative, ambitious and measurable marketing plan. To reach your objectives, set together in advance, we create the most efficient media strategies on a case-by-case basis.

Our strong and lasting business relationships is due to our responsiveness, flexibility and proximity with clients and partners.

Our team


Erick Gommeaux

Agency’s founder and team leader, Erick creates and set our client’s media strategies and make sure every budget is optimized.


Working in the social media world since his first internship 10 years ago, Adrien is our social media manager who conceives teasing strategies using the latest tendencies and tech tools to shine your brand.


Raphaël apply his talents and social media skills to generate visibility, commitment and brand love among advertiser’s clients.


Passionate about media strategy and advertising, Yann’s creativity and cleverness contributes to the production of smart media plans. He insures the successful completion of your campaign.