Advertising as a leverage to increase your sales

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Whatever the terms used to define marketing objectives such as brand awareness, image, traffic, lead generation … what advertisers want when investing in advertising to reach their potential customers, is in the end a measurable return on investment.

This is perfectly normal.

Good news, today everything can be measured. Even the impact of traditional media. Welcome to our agency!

Your media project

This post is also available in: Français (French)

Everything starts here !
Tell us here about your project, your wishes, your expectations about us.

On our side we promise you two things:

  1. We will get back to you within 24H (working hours) to tell you if we are able to work with you on your media project
  2. We will set up first a call (before a meeting) to explore further your project

It’s your turn 🙂

Our media expertise

This post is also available in: Français (French)

Facebook logo
  • Strategic recommandation
  • Facebook ads campaigns
  • Community Management
  • Quizz / Games
Instagram logo
  • Editorial Line / Strategic recommandation
  • Instagram ads campaigns
  • Grid (conception and animation)
  • Followers acquisition
Twitter expertise
  • Editorial Line
  • Daily interactions with relevant eco-system
  • Followers acquisition
  • Advertising campaigns
Youtube logo
  • Strategic recommandation
  • Advertising campaign
  • Creation and adaptation of your content
  • Advertising campaigns (Linkedin Ads)
  • Business page animation
Automation marketing
  • Audit of your digital commercial strategy
  • Set-up of your lead generation machine



achat media radio
magazine publicité
OOH media buying
sponsoring tv
  • Audit of your media strategy
  • Media Strategy
  • Media planning 
  • Media buying
  • Daily monitoring and optimization of your campaigns
  • Reporting
  • Lessons and next steps


This post is also available in: Français (French)

The media offer in 2020 is plethoric, the acquisition channels are very numerous and it is difficult to cover them all.

Many advertisers want to be advised to choose and invest in the best performing media to achieve their marketing and business goals.

At BBP, we set up media strategies every day and buy advertising space in all its forms.

From local to national and sometimes internationally. We put that experience at the service of the brands and companies who trust us.

Our approach is above all pragmatic, most of our clients being SMEs that need concrete actions and results.

Media agency BBP is a team of experts passionate about media and social networks. Our eyes are curious and open to the world thanks as well to our presence in both France and Hong Kong. We are continually observing the latest trends and technologies in communication, never forgetting the contribution of more traditional media often key to create powerful media campaigns. We rely as well on our media buying proprietary platform to digitize and ease the media buying and monitoring of our client’s media campaigns.

Support on advice, strategy and media buying is the heart of our business. We are committed to offering innovative, ambitious and measurable marketing devices. To achieve the objectives co-determined upstream, we implement the most effective media strategies on a case by case basis.

Our responsiveness, our flexibility and the close proximity we have with our customers and partners allows us to build long-lasting and solid relationships.

Our team leaders

This post is also available in: Français (French)


Erick Gommeaux

Agency’s founder and team leader, Erick creates and set our client’s media strategies and make sure every budget is optimized.


Working in the social media world since his first internship 10 years ago, Adrien is our social media manager who conceives teasing strategies using the latest tendencies and tech tools to shine your brand.


Raphaël apply his talents and social media skills to generate visibility, commitment and brand love among advertiser’s clients.


Passionate about media strategy and advertising, Yann’s creativity and cleverness contributes to the production of smart media plans. He insures the successful completion of your campaign.